Vegetables and Bean Curd

Vegetables and Bean Curd (All Vegetarian Dishes)

No.Dish (  = Hot )  ( = Vegetarian) ( = Peanuts/Nuts) (L = Large)
166 Mushrooms£4.20
167 Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce£4.50
168 Tomato with Eggs£5.10
169 Chinese Leaf in Garlic Sauce£4.20
170 Mixed Vegetables£4.50
171 Bean Sprouts in Garlic Sauce£4.20
172 Broccoli in Garlic Sauce£4.20
173 Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts£4.50
174 Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce£4.80
175 Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables£5.10
176 Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce£5.10
177 Bean Curd in Chilli Yellow Bean Sauce£5.10
178  Bean Curd Szechuan Style£5.10
179  Bean Curd with Ginger and Spring Onion£5.10
180  Mixed Vegetables in Sweet & Chiili Sauce (Thai Style)£4.80

Allergy Advice For Vegetable and Bean Curd Dishes

Allergy Advice From Cheongs

Allergy Advice
Please note that our dishes may contain one or more of the above allergens.
If in doubt please ask a memeber of staff