Roast Pork Dishes

Our Roast Pork Dishes

No.Dish (  = Hot )  ( = Vegetarian) ( = Peanuts/Nuts) (L = Large)
129Pork Chinese Style£6.20
130 Pork Szechuan Style£6.20
131Pork with Onion£6.20
132Pork with Mushrooms£6.20
133Pork with Mixed Vegetables£6.20
134Pork with Pineapple£6.20
135 Pork with Cashew Nuts£6.90
136Pork with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.20
137Pork with Ginger and Spring Onion£6.20
138Pork with Garlic in Wine Sauce£6.20
139Pork in Oyster Sauce£6.20
140Pork in Peking Sauce£6.20
141 Pork in Satay Sauce£6.20
142 Prok in Yellow Bean Sauce£6.20
143 Pork in Thai Sauce£6.20
144 Pork in Sweet Chilli Sauce (Thai Style)£6.20
145 Kung Po Roast Pork (with nuts)  £6.90

Allergy Advice For Roast Pork Dishes

Allergy Advice From Cheongs

Allergy Advice
Please note that our dishes may contain one or more of the above allergens.
If in doubt please ask a memeber of staff