Chicken Dishes

Chicken Dishes at Cheong's

No.Dish (  = Hot )  ( = Vegetarian) ( = Peanuts/Nuts) (L = Large)
81Chicken Chinese Style£5.90
82 Chicken Szechuan Style£5.90
83Chicken with Mushrooms£5.90
84Chicken with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts£5.90
85Chicken with Pineapple£5.90
86 Chicken with Cashew Nuts £6.50
87Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.90
88Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion£5.90
89Chicken with Mixed Vegetables£5.90
90Chicken with Garlic in Wine Sauce£5.90
91Chicken in Oyster Sauce£5.90
92Chicken in Peking Sauce£5.90
93 Chicken in Satay Sauce£5.90
94 Chicken in Chilli Yellow Bean Sauce£5.90
95 Chicken in Special Thai Sauce£5.90
96 Chicken in Sweet and Chilli Sauce (Thai Style)£5.90
97   Kung Po Chicken (With Nuts)  £6.50

Allergy Advice For Chicken Dishes

Allergy Advice From Cheongs

Allergy Advice
Please note that our dishes may contain one or more of the above allergens.
If in doubt please ask a memeber of staff